Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Copsey is mine

Wednesday 8th September. I had the week off work and had initially planned a week away with my good lady. In the end we decided to just spend a few days out together and she, to my surprise, mentioned going fishing with me for a day. We had a chat and settled on a night on The Match Lake from Wednesday through to Thursday with me then staying on until Sunday, was I happy with that? Not Many!! We shopped that day for food and supplies and also a new bivvy, I was due a new one and this was just the excuse I needed, although the deal was that she was to sleep in it for the first night………….

Starting on Wednesday afternoon meant not too many would be there so I was confident of getting in The Birches, a swim I’d had some success in and one I thought might produce the goods once more. We pulled into the car park around 3pm and found only one car, although that angler was, you guessed it, in The Birches!!! I had a quick chat with him and it was confirmed that he was leaving the following morning so I could at least get three nights in there.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Patience pays off with a glorious common

September is probably my favourite month for Carp fishing, for it is around this time the fish start to get their heads down for a good feed before the colder weather sets in. It was Friday 3rd and I arrived at the lake sometime before 2pm. A quick stroll around the lake found that most of the swims I had I mind were taken, The Birches and The Point were where I really wanted to be but I also had my eye on Golf Tees, successful for me a few weeks before and since then it had been raked out to allow fishing a bit further out.
I barrowed my gear round to the swim and quickly set up a marker rod. I was pleased to find two channels in the line of weed that runs parallel with the bank 15 yards out. On inspection the area just behind these clearings were nice gravel patches leading out to around 25 yards. Two rods were cast onto each of these spots and the third rod was flicked up along the right hand margin under the overhang.