Sunday, 25 September 2011

Boys Stripes

I decided last evening that I’d try my hand at perch fishing today. I was fishing with Dad and we’d originally planned to fish the lower lake at Broadlands but I didn’t fancy sitting watching the tip all day long. Besides, I fancied something a little different from the norm. So, Headlands Farm it was, Dad could still fish the feeder for carp and bream and I could try for the perch, and the picture of a 4lb 2oz specimen in the fishery office was the fish on my mind.

I figured that the best plan of action would be to fish red maggot down the edge under a small bobber float, there are lots of smaller perch and silvers in the lake but I though that eventually the better fish may make an appearance. I fished with a light float rod; 2.5lb mainline straight through to a size 18 hook and two red maggots. As expected I started off catching small roach, rudd and perch with the odd skimmer bream that always leapt clear of the water like sailfish when they were hooked. Then the first of the monster perch came, all 8oz of him, he looked splendid in the autumn sunlight, and even though it was small in comparison to the others that live in the lake, I was chuffed to bits, I don’t fish for or catch perch very often and that’s sad as they are beautiful fish and the epitome of this season.

Boys Stripes…………

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A delightful common

Today’s trip to Waggoners was one of slight disappointment. Yes, I did catch one and, yes, it was an extremely pleasant day, but it was the losses that spoilt things. It is no secret that I prefer Mirrors to Commons, that’s not to say I don’t appreciate a nice dark Common, just given the choice, I’d have scaley Mirror every time.
The day started off in the usual manner, a quick stop for supplies on the way and I arrived at the Wells at around 9am, not a particularly early start. When I arrived I had the place to myself. I passed the first and second ponds looking into them as I went and came to the third pond where the instincts heighten and the fun begins. For the first hour or so I was stood at the top of the bank watching carp cruise through ignoring any bait I threw at them, be it bottom baits or floating baits, they just weren’t interested. For much of that first period I used the heavy natural cover as a shelter from the rain showers.