Friday, 20 January 2012

Spurlings Farm

Yesterday I was undecided what to do, I knew I wanted to go but didn’t, for the life of me, know exactly where. I finished work at midday and for the hour previous to leaving I had it set in my mind that it would be a trip to the river Wallington, a local stream not too far from work with sections I was yet to explore, so I guess I was going fishing but it was more a reconnaissance trip. A quick stop home for a bite to eat and with the bare essentials loaded I headed for the river with thoughts of chub set firmly in my mind.

I pulled into the car park at Spurlings Farm and wandered up to the bridge, a quick look around either side saw that downstream there was a lovely deep pool which flowed under a half submerged fallen tree, if there were chub in the swim I knew just where they’d be. The moment should have been one of excitement and anticipation but seeing a decimated chub laying on the bank, probably the result of an otter or mink, marred the occasion somewhat. Nevertheless, I set up the 11ft cane rod, centrepin and net and went off in search of the chavender.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Winter Social

Friday night was frosty, very frosty, I arrived at the work party at 8am on Saturday and was met with a white ground, white trees and cold finger tips. The car thermometer read minus five and twelve of us began work clearing the path for the new otter fences. We were scheduled to work until midday and get to the lake for an overnighter, six of us were to fish a local park lake but with temperatures the way they were we were prepared for a rough ride and a lack of action.

The lake, around 12 acres, used to be a thriving match water, but the carp have almost wised up to anglers and big bags are not as common as they once were. Having said that, I still went with an approach aimed at holding fish in the swim if they arrive and trying to capitalise on any window of opportunity that may arise. With this in mind, 2 x 5 litre buckets of particles from the freezer the night previous mixed with my boilie base mix to create a sloppy soup mix that would waft around and, hopefully, draw the fish in. My own popups, the dual coloured peach and scopex baits I’d prepared earlier were to get a trial run, mainly due to the fact that the last big hit I had from the venue came to bright, highly flavoured popups.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Fun with the float rod

During the summer I visited a local pond and fished for the carp, whilst doing so I noticed a number of rather large perch swimming through the gin clear margins. Try as I might I couldn’t get said beasts to show the slightest bit of interest in anything I dangled in front of them, the issue I had was that the club operates a live-bait ban. Well quite recently the club lifted the ban, you can guess where I was headed today!!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The first fishes of 2012

The first trip of 2012 and I was determined to catch a good fish on the cane and pin. I had promised Roy a trip to Headlands Farm, perch were the target and live-baiting was to be the tactic employed. With supplies gathered the on Friday I was ready for the off, bed early and up at 6am to leave for Roy’s. We left his place at seven and headed for the M3 and onto Wellow. Roy had never been to Headlands before but had heard me taking about it so was itching to get there ad try for the wonderful fish that swim there, perch to good weights, stunning little carp and countless other species to angle for, float fishing with maggots really can produce anything, as we were to find out.

I offered up the swim I’d had a perch of 2lb 2oz in on my previous trip to Roy, advised him where to put his bait and set up in the swim to his left. Roy opted for float fishing pellet on one rod and had a maggot feeder on the other. I started off trying to catch a few live-baits and soon had half a dozen small perch, perfect bait for the big stripeys. Without an air pump I brought along a spare landing net, submerged it in the margins and the small fish swam happily there until it was their turn. With enough perch for a few hours fishing I set up the 11ft cane float rod with a Leeds centrepin reel and attached a small 8 gram bobber float with a 6oz drilled bullet and size 4 hook. The bait was added to this and I was soon watching the float ride the waves shuddering and dipping every so often. The wind was keen, it felt chilly for most of the day but with the odd brief sunny spell we felt a little warmth every so often.