Sunday, 19 January 2014

Right Place, Right Time!!

Last weekend I was hoping to get amongst some perch. The plan was to catch a 2lber using prawns, although the fish had other plans. This weekend I attempted round two.

I arrived at the venue at first light to the sound of kingfishers and observed red kites soar across the surrounding fields. The lake was split in two by islands; one half was open, the other a series of islands, channels and dense overgrowth...perfect perch territory.

Friday, 10 January 2014

A Welcome Surprise...

I was hoping to get out angling for a couple of hours this afternoon, especially when my friend Roy told me of some carp and tench he’d caught at Carron Row. The thought of catching a tench whilst float fishing in January was very appealing. The forecast was for a dry morning with rain coming in later in the day, I finished work at midday when it was apparent that the sunny morning was starting to merge into an overcast afternoon, it was just a case of when the rains would come.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Winter Bubbles....

With a wet and windy weekend forecast I wondered if I would get any fishing in at all. I was back to work on Thursday, then in Friday morning and off for a couple more days, so the hope was that I’d at least get a couple of hours somewhere at some point.

Work was quiet, less than a handful were in and most disappeared by lunchtime. I finished at 2pm and made my way home, all the time thinking what a lovely day it was for January. It was quite warm with sun shining and plenty of blue sky. I got to my parents and found Jessica playing happily. I told them of my predicament to which they urged me to get out now and spend the rest of the afternoon at the lake.