Saturday, 31 December 2011

Winter carp on the pin...

Managed to squeeze one more trip into 2011. I recieved a call from Tony asking if I wanted to join him and Dave on a day session at Stroud fishery near Petersfield, I hadn’t fished with Tony since Redmire back in August so jumped at the chance of a catch up and hopefully a winter carp or two. We met at the nearby MacDonald’s and I followed the guys the rest of the way. First impressions were good, a small lake of less than an acre with one very good looking spot where a great tree had fallen in the water, if the carp were anywhere, it was there!!

Tony jumped into the swim opposite the tree and fished two rods with his usual method of Sausage Oil criticals attached to a size 4 wide gape and small 1oz lead. He fished both rods tight to the snag tree locked up and we just knew that he’d have a good day. Dave set up to his right and I was in the next swim. With just open water in front of me I fished my home made popups with small bags of pellets and threw a few balls of groundbait in the area in the hope of interesting anything that might cruise by, this consisted of white crumb and crushed hemp.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Midwinter 2011

Midwinter, at least that’s what the calendar said, but the conditions outside and the forecast for the few days ahead were that of an unsettled mixture of clear and cloudy, calm and windy, dry and wet. However, I was going fishing with great friend and all round legendary angler Martin James. The Kennet was the venue and chub and barbel were the target with the option of some pike fishing on the last day.

I arrived at the river around 11am on Tuesday, met Martin and after hand shakes and Christmas niceties it was down to business. He told me of his captures the days leading up to my arrival and also of his losses. The plan was to try for chub and barbell on Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoon and evening and hit the Lodden Thursday for some piking. Our first job was to walk the river; both banks looking for spots to fish and introducing bait to the areas we’d be laying our traps. It was quite a walk and I must admit it was heavy going in my full winter attire. Martin however, led the way and showed no signs of fatigue even being well into his seventies!! We completed our tour, found a couple of swims we were happy with and retired for a lunch of Hot Pot made by Martin’s wife. During lunch we spoke of many things, the old days, new days, things Martin got up to, things I got up to, there was certainly no lack of conversation.