Sunday, 18 March 2012

Three fish in frosty conditions

Yesterday I took my Mum out for lunch and cinema. A day early I know but I gathered that Sunday would be very busy what with everyone taking their parents out for the day. This came with the added bonus that could get in an overnighter and see if I could cause that big ghostie to slip up……
I got there around 4:40pm, it had been drizzling all day but a break in the weather meant I could get the brolly up and the rods out without getting drenched before I’d even started. The rain held off long enough for the first fish to be landed. A slow lift on the bobbin just before dusk set in and a scrappy and very plump common was brought to the net. 
I only fished one rod, the spot is small and another would just get in the way as the plan once a take has been struck is to run right and stop any fish gaining sanctuary among the snags. The rod was situated so I’d just have to reach out and grab it should a take occur through the night, with the spool semi locked-up I could steer the fish away whilst slipping on my footwear and throwing off the sleeping bag, a plan that had done me proud so far.

Once the fish was returned and the rod repositioned, dusk fell and with it came the rain, not torrential, but steady enough for me to hope I didn’t get too much action. As it turned out I did receive plenty of action, but I think the majority was small tench trying their best to devour the large luncheon meat baits I was using. The first false take I reeled in ten minutes after and found the hook-bait had gone, so it was lucky I did check it. A few thereafter I reeled in to find the bait hanging off, so I decided to go with two 15mil boilies through the night, but this caused the bites to tail off, it was clearly the luncheon meat they were after, the tench and the carp. It was whilst assessing a mangled bait I had the brainwave. A boilies chopped in half, hair rigged with a cube of luncheon meat in sandwiched in the middle, the meat was still there only with a tough top and bottom. From then on the bait remained intact through the activity it was receiving. At midnight rain stopped, the sky cleared and the stars shone.
I guess it averaged out that I received a run or a bleep every half hour or so, and by 2:30am I was very tired I can tell you. Shortly after and with just the one fish landed the bites tailed off once more and I managed to get 3 hours sleep, that was until an early morning angler at 5:30am decided to slam his car door. I know, doors need to be shut and some people are heavy handed, but that’s not how I saw it this morning!! This was coupled with the noise of the birds, I say noise as there was just so much of it, so many birds all singing together I was getting nauseas just trying to pick each one out, I gave up trying in the end. And it’s quite surprising how annoying the female mallard can be after the fiftieth continuous quack, only to pause for ten seconds and start all over again. Needless to say I woke a little grumpy. Some of it I put down to the cold, it was bitter, and I realised just how chilly it had become when I stepped outside and met a white brolly, mat and a stiff landing net.  

I was sipping my first cup of tea just after 7am when my first run of the day came, I snatched the rod, ran to the left and steered a spirited carp away from the snags. It gave a good account of itself under the rod tip and took its time meeting the mesh. It was another portly common, slightly larger than the first one at just over ten pounds.

The rod was away again shortly after only this time it was almost pulled from the rests, with my grabbing the butt stopping it from being pulled in. Needless to say I thought I was into a much better fish, but a ghostie of similar size to the last fish was trying its best to pull my arm off. I’ve caught a few ghosties in my time, I know they don’t appeal to everyone, but they sure do know how to pull yer string!!!
By ten am the sun had all but dried out my things, melted the ice and made things feel a tad cosier. With breakfast and warm tea in my belly I decided to pack up most of the things, load the car with the night stuff and go for a stalk as there was only one other angler on the complex. I strolled past pond 2 and onto the steps swim on three, one of my favourite swims. I stood at the top for a while watching the water over the grave spot just left of the small island, they are usually there and give themselves away by rubbing on the gravel and causing big vortexes. I watched for 5 minutes and saw the first one, I wasted no time getting a bait on the spot. I sat back waiting for the run for just over an hour, but it didn’t came and neither did any more shows. I continued the tour of the lakes and arrived back on pond one. Flicked the bait out, made a cup of tea and reflected on the session. Once the tea was consumed I readied my things, loaded the car and set off home. The big ghostie had eluded me once again, but I enjoyed the session and I’ll be back for her another time……………


  1. Nice and beautiful fish you got there, not bad with 3 fish on one rod in the cold!

  2. Thanks Pali
    Always nice to have a capture, especially when the conditions are against you. Just hoping all that cold stuff is behind us now and spring finally takes a grip.