Friday, 11 January 2013


I’ve made a few in the past, gave some away, kept some for myself and had a few that others had made. I’d always been used to using shop bought floats and when match fishing relied upon pole floats, super sensitive and very fragile but they served a purpose. During my carp fishing days I forgot all about the joys of float fishing, it became a lost art, and that was a real shame. But eventually I rediscovered the float and began targeting waters that leant themselves to float fishing, especially margin fishing/stalking.

Recently I have given up on modern tackle, and that includes shop bought floats. I had started to build quite a collection too, but recently, during a day’s roach fishing, I left my float tube behind and only realised my mistake a couple of weeks after the event. With a trip our grayling fishing I called upon Stuart of Fat Fish Floats to help me out, and soon enough there was one of his semi-fluted grayling trotters winging its way to me.

The float looked beautiful, and performed impeccably. It was a little nervy using my only float as I am prone to casting into trees and such like, but fortunately, although I did have a few scares, the float came home with me at the end of the day. What it did though was make me want more of Stu’s work.

No sooner had I got back I sent him a message and asked for two reed wagglers and two avon style trotters. The idea was to rebuild the collection from Stu’s handy work, not something I could do overnight but eventually I would get back to having something for every scenario, to cover each situation.

Stu told me that along with the floats I’d ordered, he would make a little something special for my Jessica. This evening I returned home from work and found a parcel waiting for me. I was more than pleasantly surprised when I opened the is what I found.

Reed Wagglers, Avon’s and The Grayling Trotter.


Jessica’s Float...
Zoom in (real dimensions: 506 x 640)Image


  1. They look like rejects SK, send them to me immediately for safe disposal. ;o)

  2. He does make some stunning floats, i have had a couple made by him including the fluted Grayling float, they are a real joy too use.

  3. Dave..

    Have you recieved them yet? ;-)


    He is a true artist, and what's more, if you have an idea he will listen and try to create something especially for you.