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from Carbon to Cane

From Carbon To Cane

From Carbon To Cane

by Stuart Harris

From Carbon to Cane

This collection of diary events piece together one man’s journey to a better place. The year detailed was a very important one for Stuart Harris, for it was the realisation that there is so much more to angling than merely capturing fish.
The journey starts with a successful trip to one of Stuart's favourite places, Redmire Pool. On this particular session he arrived with the tools of a modern day carp fisher: carbon rods, the latest technology and an attitude that meant the rods would fish constantly throughout the five days. The final diary event is a return to the same pool almost one year later, but with an entirely different outlook.
This time he was armed with rods of built cane, fifty year old reels and a Kelly Kettle.
In between these two poigniant trips, Stuart tackles the challenge of fishing the Moat, a water local to him that is reputedly the home of monsters. He also fishes the Thames, Waggoners Wells and River Farm, discovering along the way a more traditional approach to this wonderful sport. Stuart shows us how a walk along the waterside can be just as thrilling as the same walk with a rod in your hand, sometimes better.
from Carbon to Cane does not seek to educate, but rather to demonstrate the enjoyment can be achieved by simplifying things. Lose the complication so often involved with angling and open up a world of relaxation and wonderment.

This delightful book shows a further side of Stuart Harris; that of a budding wordsmith and I think you will find his infectious enthusiasm and sheer determination in pitting his wits against the wily carp is put in such a competent and readable way.
There are discourses with other species and venues but the underlying theme remains the Moat and the problems incurred trying to extract its occupants. Overall From Carbon to Cane gives an good insight into how some anglers are successful while others just dream of success.

From the Foreword by Chris Ball

From Carbon To Cane is 210 x 148mm in dimension, and is 135 pages long. The book is richly illustrated throughout with photography and artwork.

Limited Cloth Edition:
400 copies only, all signed and numbered by the illustrator, Tom O'Reilly M.A. £26.95

Leather Bound Edition:
25 copies only, all signed, numbered and hand-bound by Stuart Harris and Tom O’Reilly. This edition is fully leather bound, comprising edge-gilded pages, oasis goatskin leather, spine bands, marker ribbon and headbands. This edition is finished with gold-tooling detail, and presented in a marble paper covered slipcase. £185.00

Publication date: Aug, 2013
Pages: 135
From Carbon To Cane by Stuart Harris
cloth bound
From Carbon To Cane by Stuart Harris
Full leather


  1. Congratulations on your first book, I hope it's a great success.

    The Monster of the moat... Many years ago as a young lad I used to fish there for Tench. I can remember clearly seeing one huge carp and its mate. I have spoken to many people about this fish as it had a very distinct dorsal fin that was 'off centre.' But no one seems to have fished there during that time (over 40 years ago)

    I always used to think that the fin was damaged during an early netting or keepnet incident, but it may have been natural.

    Always wondered what it must have weighed in at and the original source of its stocking as there were very few carp in there at that time.

    Any info would be great as I'm still curious after all these years

  2. Evening sir....

    Thanks for the congratulations.

    The moat always has been and, I hope, always will be a venue full of mystery. There are fish that are sighted, sometimes believed, sometimes not. But I strongly believe that something huge could live there,I've caught them to just under 30, seen them well over and it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest to read about something really big being caught from there.

    The one you mention doesn't ring any bells. The 'Twisted Back' I caught kind of fits the bill, but that is a scraper twenty, so certainly not the one. I'm far from finished with the moat, I'll be back. Perhaps I'll bump into you there...