Monday, 21 July 2014

"In the heat of noon day....."

Midday seemed to take ages to come. It was a few minutes before when I exited the building and headed for the car. A quick stop at Co-op on the way for a bite to eat and I was signed in and in position by half past. This time around I opted for a different swim, one with a little shade from the sun.

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I fished there next to the pads for about an hour, and although it was kind of cool with the big oak sheltering me from the intense afternoon sun, I caught one small roach and all the time pined for my usual pitch. Another ten minutes went by and as I starred at a motionless float I made the decision to return to where I felt more confident.

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Whilst I think of it, here is the fish from last evening, I’ve only just had a chance to sort the camera out and have a look at the self take I took. Quite pleased with it too, it’s a corker of a crucian.

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So, back to today. In this swim the sun was still shining right into it. It was sweltering; I could feel the sweat running down my legs making them itch. I baited my hook with a grain of sweetcorn and felt how warm the bait was; I dampened a towel and draped it over the bait box to keep it cool.

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The swim was quieter than usual. My float was dipping some and swirling too, but not much happened that made me want to strike. The roach didn’t seem to be there, or weren’t hungry, and there were much fewer bubbles rising.

The sun gradually moved overhead and behind the shade of the tall beech trees behind me. At last I had some shade back, and it seemed to do the trick too, as no sooner had my swim plunged into darkness, my float dipped and a fish was finally hooked. At first I thought it was a crucian, it didn’t feel as heavy as a tench but still gave a great account of itself.

It was a tench though, and a very cute one too so I couldn’t possibly be disappointed. I unhooked it, took a quick photo, let it go in the margin and watched as it sulked in the weed for a few minutes before darting back out amongst his friends.

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I tried luncheon meat for a change, the bites had dried up again I was trying every trick in the book to try and tempt something, laying on, fishing up in the water, playing around with the shotting patterns. Then, out of the blue, and with exactly the same tactics that caught me all the other crucians I go and hook one, and a good one too.

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2oz over 2lbs to be precise. Yet another real dark old warrior, battle scared and yet with a face of an innocent child. I took a few snaps, thanked what was the second biggest crucian I’ve ever caught for making my day and leant over the edge f the swim, gently lowered the fish into the water and said farewell. It was time to be getting home by then, not late but with a busy weekend ahead it was best I didn’t leave it too late. I’ll be back in a few weeks, and hopefully the crucians will be waiting for me.

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