Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Times a-changing...

I woke this morning with a very different outlook on things. Everywhere I look recently I see fish, smiling folk holding fish, great fish, wonderful fish. The lack of fishing is really starting to grind me down, yes I’m having the best time ever bringing up a wonderful daughter and I wouldn’t want to change that for the world, but I do miss my angling very much. Maybe I need to distance myself from fishing when I’m not doing it. That might sound odd but visiting forums, talking about fishing on Facebook and searching for tackle bargains on Ebay aren’t doing me any favours just the same as watching a cookery programme on TV when your starving. This only makes me want to enjoy to the max the days I do get to fish. Starting with this coming Sunday, a day’s river fishing with a bunch of old friends, new friends and some I’ve never met before. The danger is that I’ll do more talking and tea drinking than actually fishing.

Only yesterday I visited a local water during my lunch break and started plotting the downfall of the carp that live there. To bait during the week and fish at weekends, but then I remembered that I can’t, time won’t allow, things are different now. I’ve had the idea to fish there during my lunch breaks for a while now, but think this is best suited to warm weather when the fish are searching, hungry and more visible. I didn’t see one fish yesterday. The water also hold crucians, I probably hold crucians on par with kings now, and hope time will allow me to spend spring days angling for them on that quiet little paradise. Things will change as Jess grows up, time will become available, I just hope I don’t lose sight of my passion as I have done in the past.

Back to this morning, it was cold and icy when I left for work. The photo spot look worth a stop so I pulled over into the layby and reached for the camera. It was evident that someone else had the same idea as me as there was a guy a few yards along with a much better camera than me perched on top of a tripod, he actually looked as if he knew what he was doing too. I did my David Bailey impression for a few minutes and left for work nodding to my neighbour as I did.

Once at work I pulled up next to an Astra covered in very think frost, it sent a shiver down my spine that I can still feel every time I look at this photo.

Right now the sky is clear, there are no clouds, only blue up high merging with grey on the horizon. I have a clear hour or so and instead of searching the forums as I would usually do I am sitting here typing this blog piece, albeit a short one, I like to keep it updated as much as possible, even when I haven’t been fishing. That’s the idea of a blog, it’s not all about ‘I went fishing and this is what I caught’, it’s so much more than that. I like to take the reader along on the journey, wherever that may be, and with me that could literally be anywhere.
Chubbing on the Wallington is pencilled in, roach on River Farm needs re-visiting, a winter’s trip to Waggoners is on the cards and a few grayling trips would be nice also. I have two full weeks off work as of the 21st. That time will be spent enjoying Christmas, the first one with Jessica in the fold so no doubt it’ll be one to remember. But I’m sure that if I buy them both something nice I’ll be granted a couple of days fishing. Here’s hoping…