Thursday, 18 July 2013

Update Time....

Just thought I’d write up a quick update of what’s been happening here at SK Towers.

A couple of weekends back I was fortunate enough to embark upon a proper journey, a journey into wales and into the past, for Fennel and I set forth to the mountains around Builth Wells in search of wild carp, proper wild carp. Camping with our friend Matt we had the perfect base camp nestled nicely between the two venues, Pant-Y-Llyn and Llyngwyn.

Both of these venues are spellbinding, remote and beautiful, and still contain the original strain of wildies that were stocked by the Cistercian monks hundreds of years ago. These streamlined torpedoes were great fun, but it was so much more than merely fun, it was like coming into contact from an ancient time, remnants of a time long forgotten.

It was 4 days in wonderland. The weather and the fishing were kind to us, and you’ll probably be wondering why I haven’t written a blog piece about the event. Well I am, almost half way through it, but there is a reason I’m not posting it for a while, and I have no doubt it’ll come out soon. Just keep an eye on Fennel’s website for more info.

Other things happening have been the successful stalking trip last Friday where two good commons were caught, and then there was the great news that my first book is now available to order, due for release in August, can’t wait to see it in the flesh. I am currently working on two further books, one fictional and the other a second series of diary events, hence the holding back of the wildie words.

This weekend I am visiting a very special local water where I have a great chance of meeting a 3lb crucian carp, and that’s a very big deal when you consider that only a couple of months ago I managed to catch my very first 2lber. So, with the reports I’ve had, that magical 3 could well be on the cards. It just remains to be seen how much of an effect these hot conditions have on the fishing.

It’s been hot; you don’t need me to state the obvious, but don’t let it put you off angling, and in particular surface fishing for carp. Early morning and late evening are the best times, but even during the hottest parts of the day, find the shady, sheltered spot, perhaps an overhanging tree, and those basking carp can be tempted into snaffling a single surface bait. Don’t attempt to get them going with freebies, just of crust or mixer can be taken even if they aren’t hungry, it’s the inquisitiveness that is the carp’s major downfall.

That’s all for now. Thanks for following and thanks to those who have ordered a copy of the book. With a limited first run it’s probably best you get in quick as rumours say they could sell out before the publication date…



  1. Looking forward to seeing your first proper printed book SK and I know it will be a lovely read. Sharing moments in time on the bank with you it was so easy to see that you have the extra instinct with the great outdoors and angling so deeply rooted into your soul.
    One of the rare breed that appear to be able to appreciate and see deeper into what is around them, around us, around all, but so often goes unnoticed.
    Not only that but you have a wonderful way of transferring the simple and cheap pleasures in life onto paper through your written word showing others how much may be passing them by unseen and unnoticed.

  2. Shaun

    Thanks so much for those lovely words, sir. Looking forward to sharing more of those moments waterside with you.

    Kind regards