Thursday, 12 June 2014

Lazy Summer Evenings....

Joyous Christenings....
Isn't it wonderful using,new kit and catching your first fish on it ? This evening after putting Jessica to bed I left the house and headed for the pool to meet my pal, Steve.

I got there about 7pm and after a chinwag left to bait up a few marginal spots with crust. The rod I was using was the 11ft barbel rod I recently purchased from Mickey and my new Cardinal 66.

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They really were a match made in heaven, coped with my freelining beautifully and helped me capture a glorious mid double common. A great way to spend a couple of hours!

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2 Evening in a row?
Yes, finished tea, asked what was on telly and was promptly told I could pop out for the evening if I wished, the clock said 6:30pm, I didn't need telling twice.

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As the stuff from last evening was still in the car, including 5 slices of Mother's Pride, I opted to go back to Carron Row and try for another carp. What should have taken 20 minutes ended up taking an hour due to tailbacks on the motorway, not the best start.

Just as soon as I arrived, tackled up and cast a crust along the margins I'd forgotten all about traffic jams and stop start driving. Blackbirds and chaffinches sang, a woodpecker pecked and rudd caused little ringlets upon a still pool that shimmered in the evening sunshine.

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The carp, however, were in no feeding mood. Reeds flicked, pads bumped into each other and although I could find them, I was having trouble catching them.

Finally, with the final throw of the dice I sat alongside a bush in the far eastern corner and watched on as 4 crusts were schlurped down by what looked to be a long, lean common, very wildie in appearance. My hook bait was gently lowered amongst the free offerings and was scoffed without hesitation. I half expected that fish to give me a proper runaround, it didn't dissapoint .

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It wasn't big, perhaps 6lbs, but it was a character and certainly brought a smile face. I slipped her back and made my way back to.the car, my bed was calling me.

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  1. Wonderful. I too use cane for carp and tench these days when I coarse fish. Nice thread well done.