Monday, 15 October 2012

An Autumn Perch...

I arrived around eight am. It was chilly and the temperature in the car park was zero, surrounding fields were white and it looked perfect for some perch action. I’d heard that there were a few large specimens blighting silver fish anglers, but these perch were tricky to capture and with the added issue of lots of jack pike also searching out their prey it was a very real challenge. With my kit loaded into my swim choice I realised that I’d forgotten the milk, a quick message to my companion for the day, John, and a pint of semi was inbound.

I began fishing the clear margins, ever watchful that something big and stripy may appear, and it soon did, a sprinkling of maggots to attract small silver fish seemed to do the trick. A good perch of over two pounds was soon sniffing around and snatched my hook-bait without hesitation, but a short battle saw him spit the bait and had me cursing my bad luck. Another take quite soon after in the slightly deeper, less clear water ended the same way but I suspect that was one a small pike.


John arrived with milk and whilst he tackled up I wandered along a few swims to see if I could stalk a big sergeant from the many pads, reed and weed beds that litter the margins. One such lily bed looked good; I dropped my bait in as close as possible and watched the float sail away after only a couple of minutes. The battle was immense and when the fish surfaced for the first time I had my heart in my mouth, I knew I was attached to a really good perch. She slipped over the net and as I peered in I couldn’t believe that my first of the day was such a fine specimen. I returned to John who readied the camera whilst I weighed it. It was 3lb 8oz, a great way to start the perch season.


John was next in action with yet another fine fish over three pounds, which was a new pb for him. And soon after that fish was released we sat and watched a couple more good sized fish patrolling the margins right under our feet. But, sadly those two perch were the only ones we caught. We did, however, catch a handful of small pike, which was fun on light cane rods and centrepin reels. Once the suns warmth had dried off all the morning dampness I struck up the Kelly kettle and John brought out the fabulous cake he’d made the evening previous, and very nice it was too.


We sat until tea time, it had begun to get chilly again, and the lure of roast dinners waiting for us on our returning made us start to break camp, load the cars and head for home. It was such a fantastic day, one of those days to look back upon with a big smile. The fishing was first class, as was the weather and the company. The only question is, where to go next weekend?

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  1. A 3lb perch each! A fine day indeed. Great write up SK, nice to see fatherhood hasn't stopped you getting one or two.

  2. Thanks was another of those day you just don't want to end. But we left happy, knowing we can return someday and have another go....


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    1. I know that swim. ;)