Monday, 1 October 2012

Fun at the farm....

Just a short account of my first trip out for a good few weeks.....
The eagerly awaited first fishing trip was always going to be a great day out, whatever happened. I had promised my dad a day out as he’d not yet been this year, so it was just nice to be bankside again, for both of us. We Left home just after six thirty am and set off for the 45 minute journey to Headlands Farm in the hope of Carp (Dad’s intended quarry) and perch (mine). Being out of action for a full five weeks I started to wonder if anything would go wrong, whether I’d forgotten “how to do it”. Well I wasn’t 100% sure which junction from the motorway to take, and I’d been to the venue lots of times before, I guess I was still suffering from Baby Brain somewhat.

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We did take the right turning, weaved our way through the country lanes and arrived at the fishery just after 7am. After parking the car we made our way to our favourite swims and dropped a few bags to secure the spot. I was to fish towards the islands and in the channel for perch and Dad wanted to fish the bay margin for carp. With all the kit in the swim we tackled up the rods and proceeded to fish. Dad was first into a fish, a lovely looking carp of around six pounds; he was over the moon and even with the long lay-off he still played and landed it like an expert.

A couple of Dad’s fish…

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Dad continued to catch carp every half hour or so whilst I steadily started to build my swim up, catching small perch, skimmer bream, roach and even the odd carp, which were quite tricky to land on 4lb line and my newly acquired Wizard. The first photo fish for me was a beautiful roach of around a pound. I reached for the camera and found the button not to be working. A quick look confirmed that the battery had run out, not good at all. After releasing the fish I remembered that I had my blackberry in the car. The camera really isn’t very good, but it would capture a few moments even if the quality was poor.

A couple of my fish…
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The morning was overcast and windy but dry. The perch were coming steadily but although I stuck it out until lunchtime, the best I managed was just over a pound. Dad, however, was having great fin with hard fighting, good looking carp, so I decided to join him for the afternoon. We went on to catch a bagful of carp between us, and Dad even had a go with the float rod, just for a change.

Wizard in action
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At some time after three pm we packed the things away and headed home. Mum had prepared a nice dinner for Dad and I wanted to get home to see Jessica. It was great to finally get out fishing, but it was equally as good to get home and hold my baby. I’m now looking forward to some more angling next weekend.

Ready for home…
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  1. Some lovely looking fish SK, well done to the both of you.

  2. Thanks Tom, it was really good to fish with Dad again, it'd been a while. And to watch the float and feeline some, a lovely way to angle.

    I'm back out tomorrow, Sunday, so expect another adventure posted up after the weekend.