Sunday, 28 October 2012

Atumnal Interlude...

With the good news of my first published book peice coming last week I've been buzzing at the prospect of receieving my copy of Willow Pitch II in December, so much so that I've ordered a Leather copy for Jessica....

Fishing wise I had a day out yesterday, a day of pike removal from a pool where there are simply too many small jacks terrorising float anglers whenever the skip a roach across the surface. Something had to be done and yesterday a team fished and removed a dozen small male fish. That was a good return in a day when the winds from Siberia made it feel like February. I managed to catch three small pike, the biggest one was around 6lbs but was extremely long and thin. I did, however, tempt a lovely looking perch of around 2lbs.

Next weekend I have a day's fishing on the river Kennet at Barton Court. I'll be looking for perch once more but would love to catch my frst chub of the season also. The weekend after that I'm gudgeon fishing at Redmire for a couple of days in preparation for the forthcoming Gobio match vs the GSC early December.

So reports a bit thin on the ground for now but plenty of adventures are looming, bear with me folks.......


  1. That's i a lovely looking perch.

    Well done chap

  2. Thanks Tom...

    I hope to angle for perch a lot through this winter. I love perch, such bold and confident fish.