Monday, 20 April 2015

Another Gift...

After last week's success with the 2 commons, yet failing to land either of the 2 mirrors I hooked, I couldn't wait to get back and settle the score. Today I finished work at midday and pointed the car bonnet at Sultan. 

I never had long to fish, but after a short time looking around the usual spots I stumbled across a group of mirrors. I was actually trying to get some photographs of them, but when they started rolling over each other and almost beaching themselves to get to some bread I'd deposited, I quickly swapped the camera for the rod. 

A piece of bread was squeezed onto my size 4 hook and cast out amongst the fish. I held my breath, hoping the fish wouldn't spook off, and although one or two drifted off, a couple remained. The hook-bait wafted through the water and landed on the bottom quite slowly. I watched where the line entered the water for a minute or so, then wound it in to find it had gone soggy and fallen off. The carp had disappeared by now, but soon after my next cast I saw them out of the corner of my eye coming towards me from the left. 


They stopped below my position and a couple upended and started to grub around. As I watched the line it flicked, flicked again and then steadily pulled. I struck and the battle commenced. It was a short power struggle but it didn't take long to bundle my prize into the net. I was overjoyed to find one of the mirrors in the bottom of my net, and a good one too. 

Mark happened to be passing, and after congratulating me helped out with the photos. I weighed the fish, just to see, and it spun the needle round to a few ounces over 20lbs. I was well pleased. With the fish safely back in the water I chatted to mark a while and quickly got back to searching the carp out. 


Although I spotted a couple more fish close in, it was a very brief glimpse, and with the clock ticking I decided to call it a day without casting again after the capture of the mirror.


  1. Beautifull fish. Did you notice the miss of a fin on the belly? I almost cought a twinn last year in the Neatherlands (sorry for the picture quality). It looks like an old Valkenswaard type you cought. Beatifull fishes... Click on this text for the picture

    Good luck with your blog mine is This one

  2. Evening Michael

    That's a lovely dark mirror, the kind of carp I seek. Your blog looks very nice too.

    Keep in touch