Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Another update...

Well the weather here has been nothing short of terrible; even if I had planned to fish I fear it would have been a wash out. As it happens it’s been a busy time what with preparing everything for this weekend’s France trip, and it’s very close now with the ferry leaving Portsmouth at 11pm on Friday.
I spoke to the fishery owner, Jon, yesterday and was informed that there is nobody fishing this week. Not sure how that will effect fishing. No bait going in could make them hungry and eager for a few boilies, and that’s where I come in. I made a few kilos of small baits to take, and all told I have around 35 kilo’s to take, I’m told that when they switch on at this time of year it can go crazy. The previous two weeks saw fish, but not many. Having said that, there were some monster carp caught including a new lake record of 48lb 2oz!! That’ll do……….
From what I’m told, speaking to others who have fished there, both in the past and recently, it’s a wonderful place to be, secluded, pretty, and Jon is the perfect host. I must say Friday, although only a couple of days away can’t come soon enough.

I think I will be hosting a live blog on updating every few hours and giving news on how things are going. I'll post up the exact link once it has been set up.....
For a look at the venue log onto

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