Thursday, 9 August 2012

A quick wander..

Just had a quick walk around a little quiet, private moat I have access to, and I managed to watch a few nice looking carp for a while from one of the bridges. The water was stuffed with weed and littered with pads but I think with the right tackle the fish can be easily landed. It’s funny really as I went down to look at a crucian swim, and it looked very exciting, but whenever I go on one of these recce trips I always end up getting side-tracked by the carp. The carp in there I’ve angled for before, caught three in an afternoon. Nothing big, mid doubles at best, but each one was so dark and built for speed. The crucians however, go to three pounds so I’m told with a good few back up ones and twos, so I look forward to having a dabble for them if I can stay away from the carp swims!

On the way back I popped into another moat. This one is on our club ticket and holds some big fish. I tried for them a while back and did get lucky, but I didn’t unlock the real secrets. Today I spotted a few good fish including commons to over thirty pounds, but these fish are always hanging around the no fishing section. I have a series of session reports from this venue that have never been posted anywhere, perhaps I’ll dig them up if you guys are in need of some carpy type tales, maybe over the winter.
I have no actual fishing planned for the foreseeable future; the baby is due in around three weeks so if I do manage to get out at all it’ll be a spur of the moment hour or so. Therefore the reports might be a bit thin on the ground for a while, but knowing me I’ll find something to scribble about. It’ll also give me a chance to work some more on the book I started but am destined never to finish.
I’ll keep you posted if I get out fishing, until then tight lines and enjoy every moment on the bank, there are some of us who are unable to go so you can do the enjoying for us.


  1. Good luck with the sprog and the sleepless nights :-)

    Hope you manage to wet an occasional line.

  2. Thanks Dave

    For the first time since I can't remember I didn't fish this weekend, and it hurt! I just hope I can wet a line every so often, I should imagine it won't be a problem, just needs must and all that.

    I do have a little thing planned for this weekend, a fundraising social gathering so might get to have a cast or two. I'll let you know...