Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Brief Time-Out

There will be a short break from blogging due to the arrival of my first child two days ago....

Jessica Louise Harris was born on Monday 27th August at 8:51pm at a weight of 7lb 6oz. 

I'll soon resume angling, even if its during my lunch-breaks at work. I also have some un-published stuff to add. But I'll be a little tied up for a few weeks with the little stunner above......


  1. Its all different now :-) Welcome to a lifetime of worry and reward - hopefully more of the latter.

    Fishing time will be less for a while but a couple of hours at the right time can be very successful.

  2. Thanks Dave...

    The fishing will take a dent but I'll still go regularly, even if it is the odd short session here and there. The wife enjoys riding her horse and will resume as soon as she's able to, meaning we can share our free time.


  3. Congratulations mate, welcome to the real world, enjoy every second as they grow up so fast.
    Fishing will always be there, they are only this age once so make the most of it.

    Have fun, you will get used to the smell of those nappies :-)